Something which Apple should watch out for

In what has been described as “Samsung’s chance in getting back at Apple”, rumors of a potential “avenue” where Samsung can bring Apple to court have come up, with this rumor coming out within a week after the iPhone 5’s official unveiling.

Highlighted to come with newer and enhanced hardware features, the iPhone 5 is defined to come with support for long term evolution (LTE) standards, a feature which remains to be a must-have necessity with the growth of LTE networks in different parts of the world.

Given this support for LTE, it has been reported that Samsung and HTC respectively hold a significant number of patents related to LTE the communication standard, which pretty much translates to one possibility: both brands are in the position to actually engage in legal action against Apple, pertaining to the “use” of LTE hardware in the iPhone 5.

With Samsung and Apple’s recent patent war, Apple was awarded with a verdict which went to their favor. The said conflict was caused by certain design similarities featured in Samsung’s current flagship phone, along with certain similarities to Apple’s voice-assistant, Siri.

Naturally, Samsung wasn’t exactly thrilled to have been put in the position of “loser” in the case, with various jokes touching up on the matter since the case’s verdict had been announced.

With the new situation of Apple putting in LTE-capable hardware into the iPhone 5, the case has been intently looked into by online watchguards and tech-inclined publications, considering the recent run-in between Apple and Samsung in court.

Reportedly, Samsung is firm in its resolve in filing court cases against Apple under the grounds of patent infringements. HTC is also reported to be taking the “amicable settlement” way, but as both of these newsbits are still rumors, there’s a chance things may change.

Bottom line, the case has been dubbed as “Apple getting a taste of its own medicine”.

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