Sprint Starts Capping Data As A Preparation For The iPhone 4S

Sprint iPhone 4S

Now we are sure that Sprint is getting the iPhone 4S om October as Sprint made a careless move on the part of the nation’s third largest cell carrier: in a move an obviously suggestive of a major new iPhone (iPhone 4S) incoming on October, Sprint will cap its data tethering plans to 5GB starting October 2nd just  two days before the next iPhone  (iPhone 4S) is rumored to be released.

Currently, Sprint charges $29.99 per month for their Now Network plans, which allow 3G and 4G tethering. Come next month, though, Sprint is knocking a 5GB cap on that tether plan… still better than Verizon and AT&T’s $20 2GB tethering plans from a pennies-per-byte perspective, but way worse than the unlimited data tethering Sprint’s been offering before now.

Via [CultOfMac ,Sprintfeed]

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