Study notes how loyal Apple followers are dwindling since the iPhone 5

As casual observers have been quick in noting down how much Apple loyalists have been slowly “tapering” off their trust in the brand since the iPhone 5 officially rolled out, a recently study conducted by Strategy Analytics comes to back such views with statistics.

Through a survey conducted in the United States, the study’s results were featured in Mashable, with the Mashable report indicating that 88% of Apple users are still open to the idea of getting their next smartphone from Apple, but the figure notes a decline when compared with last year’s survey which yielded a 93% statistic.

Study notes how loyal Apple followers are dwindling since the iPhone 5
Globally, interest in Apple’s handsets have shown a similar down-trend, with Western European iPhone owners interested in getting a new Apple-branded smartphone only taking up 75% of the survey’s total respondents. In 2011, the same survey noted that 88% of Apple iPhone users were looking forward to getting another Apple smartphone in the future, defining the decline in interest.

With the iPhone 5 only rolling out last September, reviews of the product have been somewhat on the average, given the fact that the device only featured a bigger sized screen and nothing much else in terms of gadget innovation and highlights.

Matched with how badly accepted certain features of the new iOS 6 had been – like Apple’s Maps – the said decline of new iPhone interests is attributed to the way Apple has been developing its software and hardware products, which essentially doesn’t stray far nor provide its users with new functional features.

Though far from a testimony of truth, the survey’s figures does come as a wake up call for both Apple and avid Apple followers.

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