Surface and how it matches up against the iOS

With Surface’s official release date already drawing close (October 26, 2012), a number of pre-release reviewers of Microsoft’s flagship tablet cum laptop have shared their inputs over the device, what electronic users can expect from it and how much of a game player it promises to be.

As different opinions share what they have to say about the product, one aspect of Surface appears to be common in all of them: its software-side is still not as solid as Apple’s iOS.


As a portable device, Surface is primed to come with the functional features of a tablet and a laptop all rolled in one. Matched with a removable keyboard (two variants, which double as keyboard-cover and dedicated keyboard), the tablet and laptop hybrid is driven by Windows 8, Microsoft’s newest Windows version.

But as its “snap-on keyboard” stands as its main highlight, Surface pre release reviews note that it has downsides in the user experience end, a status that is closely compared against Surface’s main competition, the iOS.

With Apple having ample experience in mobile ecosystems, it appears that Microsoft’s Windows 8, though revamped and redesigned to accommodate the needs of mobile tablet users, has some gaps in living up to the status Apple has brought mobile experiences to.

But as reviews are pretty much unified in touching up on its software-end weakness, reviews have also been consistent it talking about Surface’s stellar combination of hardware components.

Bottom line, it is still difficult to tell how much Surface would affect the mobile gadgets industry, but as pre release reviews share, it could hit some snags in reaching its user experience goals.

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