Switching the Panoramic Photo Capture App’s direction in iOS

As smartphones have now somewhat become synonymous with point and shoot cameras, Apple, in its latest iOS version, arms iDevice users with an enhanced Panoramic photo capturing feature, enhancing photo taking options for users.

Essentially a feature that allows users to take a sequential set of images, then automatically stitching those images as one panoramic-angled photo, the use of the iOS default Panoramic capturing feature requires users to capture images in one smooth direction.

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For those who have had experienced limitations with this one-direction norm, there is a way to actually reverse that direction, enhancing the use of the new iOS’ panoramic photo taking capabilities.

Switching the Panoramic Photo Capture App’s direction

By default, the Panoramic features of the iOS requires users to take shots from left to right. This may sound well and good, but as many users of the feature have come to experience, the necessity of shifting that direction is required at times.

To reverse the default direction, users simply have to take the first shot of a Panoramic photo, which users can “activate” by going to the iOS’ default camera app, then tap on the top-portion of the app that indicates “Panoramic”.

Once activated, an arrow will appear in the middle of the screen, indicating the direction where the user should take the next shot for the Panoramic photo. A user simply has to tap on that photo should he or she wish to reverse the direction, and the app will automatically do so.

Reversing the Panoramic Photo Capture app’s direction, made quick and easy.

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