A Comparison Between The new Nokia Lumia 800, Samsung Galaxy S II, and the iPhone 4S

We always love to compare phones as soon as the new phone is released. We did it with the iPhone 4S when it was first announced. Yesterday, Nokia announced its first Windows Phone 7 smartphone which they are calling it "Lumia 800". The phone was … [Read more...]

Enterprise Users: We prefer Apple over Android

AppleInsider reported results that have been published for a comparison that has taken place on which device is more popular between enterprise users. Last week the results were published by Good Technology that enterprise users have a clear … [Read more...]

Comparison Between Facebook and Google+ (INFOGRAPHIC)

As we Posted before that Google + is out but in test period and not for all but even that a lot of people like it and as you know Google + will be the only Facebook Competitor,today we present an INFOGRAPHIC comparison ¬†between Facebook ¬†and Google+ … [Read more...]