Google Glass Temporarily Available for a Limited Offer

google glass

If you're a fan of tech wearables, then you might want to check and place an order of Google Glass before the 15th of April. For a limited offer sale that's only available tomorrow, Google Glass is said to be sold at $1,500. Think it's expensive? It … [Read more...]

Why Apple suddenly needs Google again

Why Apple suddenly needs Google again

Once back-slapping friends, the relationship between Apple and Google was torpedoed by the ascendency of Android. Eric Schmidt resigned from the Apple board, Steve Jobs declared "thermonuclear war" against Android, and little by little Apple … [Read more...]

Google’s Google Play Music All Access coming to iOS

Google Multiplatform Chief Sundar Pichai at D11 on the Evolution of Openness

Google, during the course of the D11 conference held his week, announced its plans of featuring Google Play All Access to the iOS platform, apart from rolling out in other mobile operating systems. Announced by senior vice president for Android, … [Read more...]

Google in the process of developing an app launcher for Macs

Google in the process of developing an app launcher for Macs

Gone are the days when specific-brand developers only catered to a specific segment of the market, with products by Microsoft found to be compatible for the Apple products, and services by Google made available in Microsoft and Apple’s featured … [Read more...]

Google Now for the iPhone and iPad

Google Now for the iPhone and iPad

The Google-branded Google Now is no longer an exclusive feature for Android-driven devices, with the recent release of the Google Now search feature for the iPhone and iPad. Not to be mistaken as a stand-alone app, iPhone and iPad users can avail … [Read more...]

Google taking over WhatsApp revealed to be untrue


Last time, we talked about ongoing rumors of Google having intentions of taking over WhatsApp, one of the world’s biggest and more well known cost-effective SMS replacement suites. With more and more mobile internet subscribers taking advantage of … [Read more...]

Rumor has it: Google intent on acquiring WhatsApp

Rumor Google negotiating $1 billion acquisition of WhatsApp

As a cost effective SMS alternative for the iOS, WhatsApp is one app-service suite that doesn’t require lengthy introductions, considering how popular it is as a product for iPhones and iPads. In our previous post, we talked about how What’sApp is … [Read more...]

Samsung and Apple lead the US mobile market

smartphone fight

Not surprisingly, Samsung and Apple dominated the mobile market in the United States, based on the stats recently featured by Comscore. The stats indicate that Samsung is actually leading the mobile industry in the US, raking in a 26.3% total of … [Read more...]

Download Google+ for the iPad


When Google+ first came out, a lot of fanfare was put into its launch, with countless netizens labeling it to be the “Facebook killer”. Looking back and looking at Facebook and where it is now, it can be said that Google+ didn’t really turn out to … [Read more...]

Zypr, a system like Siri but with a free and open API

If you live on planet Earth and are interested minimally in technology, surely you know about Siri the command and control software via voice is the star of the iPhone 4S phone. Since then the idea of Cupertino is not new (the hands-free car, many … [Read more...]