Rumors surrounding this year’s iPads

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Talking to AppleInsider, the analysis of KGI’s Ming-Chi Kuo has once again sparked a range of rumors revolving around Apple’s planned product refreshes this year, specifically focusing on the iPad line. Based on Kuo’s information, 2014’s iPads are … [Read more...]

Rumored 12.9-inch iPad not likely to happen anytime soon

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Word has recently come up that the iPad Air and the 2nd gen iPad Mini are likely going to stay as the latest installments of the iPad series this year – save perhaps a refresh in the current iPad model. Based on the sentiments of analyst Ming-Chi … [Read more...]

Microsoft “hinted” to churn out its answer to the iPad Mini

Apple iPad mini launch in London

Microsoft recently updated its certification standards and rules for the development of Windows 8 apps and hardware components, with a new Windows 8 hardware certifications guidelines roster. While the release of such a new set of guidelines … [Read more...]

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8.0 to compete with Apple’s iPad Mini?


While the mid-range market for smartphones and tablets has proven itself to be a powerhouse arena for gadget manufacturers, word of Samsung intent on unveiling an 8-inch sized Note device has been a recent hot topic. Noted by Samsung-focused blog … [Read more...]

The Next iPad: “Significantly lighter and slimmer”

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The sentiments of Ming-Chi Kuo, KGI Securities analyst, have become quite popular of late, touching up on how “significantly lighter and slimmer” the next iPad incarnation will be. Already dubbed by different online sites, forums and message … [Read more...]

iPad Mini with retina display, reportedly on the works


With the release of the iPhone 5, the iPad Mini, the 4th Gen iPad and latest iTunes, a casual observer is inclined to think that “Apple Rumors” have come to a halt, if not a long running pause until 2013. But as a report from the Huffington Post … [Read more...]

Samsung adds iPad Mini and 4th Gen iPad in patent infringement suit

Samsung adds iPad Mini and 4th Gen iPad in patent infringement suit

In what can now be described as “not surprising news”, Samsung recently filed a motion to include the iPad Mini and the 4th Gen iPad by Apple in an upcoming patent infringement suit against the Cupertino-based brand. A report from The Verge is … [Read more...]

LTE-capable iPad Minis to roll out within the next couple of days

iPad Mini

As the iPad Mini was unveiled to the world in late October this year, the initial release of the gadget only featured the release of the device’s Wi-Fi only versions, with the release of its cellular-capable versions said to come after. For those … [Read more...]

iPad Mini already sold out

iPad Mini already sold out

As pre orders for the new iPad Mini opened last Friday, reports of the said new tablet being already sold out have been rife, with the Apple Store now informing prospective purchasers that its 16GB version will be available in the next two … [Read more...]

Enter, the iPad Mini

Enter, the iPad Mini

Measuring 7.87 inches tall x 5.3 inches wide, the highly anticipated scaled-down iPad – the iPad Mini – has finally been revealed by Apple, with details involving its highlights and featured specifications posted in a new section of the … [Read more...]