The iPhone 5’s rumors and “leaks” tuned out to be right on the dot

iphone5 rumors

In what has been described as an anticlimactic official launch, the unveiling of the newest iPhone – the iPhone 5 – revealed more than just the newest smartphone version of the iPhone series, but also proved that the past rumors and “leaks” … [Read more...]

Update: The iPhone 5

If you are an iPhone fan, then you must have heard of the iPhone 5. We have been following rumors that have been going around  about the iPhone 5 very closely, these started quite a time back. … [Read more...]

Apple's Figures Released in Conference Call (Screenshot)

Apple announced its Q4 earnings in the companies conference call. We have been following the announcement and have summed up the most interesting figuers for you. Although Apple blames the iPhone 5 rumors for the iPhone 4S sales slump they still seem … [Read more...]

The ONLY new iPhone next month will be … iPhone 4S??

Brian Blair the Wedge Partners analyst claims that Apple will be introducting one new iPhone model. This is the iPhone 4S modle, which will be introduced at the October 4th media event. These claims are opposite to those of recent rumors that Apple … [Read more...]

iPhone 5 Hardware Components (Photos)

A Chinese source informs iPhoneitalia that today there is still a lot of confusion between the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5 and this implies that it is not always possible to associate a single component to a smartphone until Apple specifically did not … [Read more...]

iPhone 5 Release Date In New Zealand On October 9th ?

From few hours ago  reported that iPhone 5 will be in New Zealand on October 9th ? Here ! The exclusive iPhone 5 release date . … [Read more...]

iPhone 5 Concept Amazing Video

A concept video is produced by san Francisco-based 3D animation and digital content studio Aatma. A concept video which shows some fictitious but amazing features. The Video: … [Read more...]