30 New Levels of Sling-Shooting Angry Birds

angry birds

Rovio has new updates for Angry Birds with additional 30 levels of Version 3.4.0. What else is new? Bomb bird has gained a new power, the Shock Wave. Read more … [Read more...]

Google Now for the iPhone and iPad

Google Now for the iPhone and iPad

The Google-branded Google Now is no longer an exclusive feature for Android-driven devices, with the recent release of the Google Now search feature for the iPhone and iPad. Not to be mistaken as a stand-alone app, iPhone and iPad users can avail … [Read more...]

End of life for TweetDeck for iPhone set for May 7


Word of the TweetDeck for the iPhone client’s end of life has recently come up, with the micro-blogging giant set on discontinuing its run by May 7. Purchased in 2011 for $40 million, it has to be noted that only the mobile variant of the web app … [Read more...]

iPhone Tips – Configuring the Phone App


Given its full hardware features and capabilities for mobile entertainment and enhanced mobile browsing, many tend to forget that at its core, the iPhone is a phone. Often used for engaging gaming sessions, Facebook updates/comments posting or … [Read more...]

EasyMeasure iPhone App Review


The measuring of distances when viewed through the iPhone’s camera is made easier and accurate with the EasyMeasure app for the iOS, a nifty bit which recently came out this month over in Cydia. Though specifics over who its intended users are … [Read more...]

iPhone App Feature – The BUG Music Videos App


BUG Music Videos, one of the world’s most frequented sites for music videos and other entertainment-inclined content, recently released its BUG app for the iPhone, the first app developed by BUG for the world’s favorite mobile. Released in … [Read more...]

The iBaby Monitor – The Baby Monitor You Bring With You

The iBaby Monitor

With the advanced internet and communication capabilities featured by the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, combining their use with the iBaby Monitor offers proud parents an advantage – a baby monitor which they bring with them, wherever they … [Read more...]

Hulu Plus app is ready for Apple TV, delays seem to be political rather than technical

We have just hear that inside Apple they have Apple TVs that are running the Hulu Plus app natively. The app  is said to be complete and ready for use, in fact we hear that it has been ready for some time, like a month of so. We are now told that … [Read more...]

Get iReDial and make your life easier

Get iReDial and make your life easier ,the iPhone is still a telephone. remember? With iReDial all you need to do is type the phone number and set when you want to call it. … [Read more...]