MacBook Pro dubbed the “Best Performing Windows Laptop” by Saluto

MacBook Pro

In what has been met with piqued interests, an IT company offering management services recently named Apple’s MacBook Pro as the “Best Performing Windows Laptop”. Based on its report, Saluto made a series of “in the field” tests on the mobile … [Read more...]

Apple Testing A 15-Inch UltraThin MacBook

We posted a number of posts about the upgrade in Apple's MacBook models that we are expecting to see in the forseeable future. This new model appear on Apple's online store with better processors, more storage capacity and better graphics for the … [Read more...]

Apple to push MacBook Pro refresh to November

Just yesterday we posted for all you MacBook customers out there, that we will be expecting a new MacBook Pro to be launches sometime late next week. The only change that we were going to notice is the speed as not much else has been changed. We were … [Read more...]

New Faster MacBook Pros Next Week?

We heard rumors last week that there may be a new MacBook Pro line about to surface. We have now seen pricing for the new laptops, however the pricing for each device are the same price as the ones that are currently available. Based on the numbers … [Read more...]