Latest and Cheapest Mobile Phones in Pakistan


Everyone may not be very rich, but they still have the opportunity of enjoying high tech mobile phones. Thanks to the many mobile phone companies in the world. There are various cheap phones with enhanced technology that are found everywhere in the … [Read more...]

Octa Core HTC One Leaks

Octa Core HTC One

Samsung isn't the only smartphone manufacturer implementing an eight-core processor in their phones. In late September, a report leaked that HTC is producing a variant of its hot selling smartphone, the HTC One. This new phone will feature an … [Read more...]

Apple is third, Nokia is second, Samsung is first

mobile phones

It’s no secret that mobile brands are at constant war with each other, with each brand vying for top positions in any chart ranking, often initiated by various organizations, business investment firms and industry watchguards. With electronic … [Read more...]

Softonic Moba 1.0.3

With Softonic Moba we can download content from this download page on our iPhone without having to be visit the homepage. Softonic Moba is a tool for the iPhone that offers the possibility to connect to the official Softonic page from the comfort of … [Read more...]