The Best iOS Apps for Fitness

Who says iOS is only for gaming must have not met these apps. If sports is in your blood and keeping fit the name of your game, read on. Below are iPad’s claim to fame when it comes to making you healthy and wise.

Of course, keeping things comfortable for you and your i-device could be wise. Sit back and get those sleek iPad keyboard case on youri-tablet or maybe not, that is if you’re on the road.
iOs Fitness Apps
Calorie-Counting: MyFitnessPal

What you are is what you eat as one Greek philosopher ranted about. Your focus on getting your muscles exercised may be for naught if you don’t watch your diet. Just key in your intake via this app, the food that you are taking, number of servings and you get your calorie intake in no time at all. Add your exercise regimen and you get to see how well you’re doing calorie-wise.

Strength-Training/Aerobic: GAIN Fitness

Talk about your personal-trainer-turned-app. GAIN gives you customized work-outs that best fits your age and gender. So whether you are into strength-training or getting those cardiovascular aerobic workouts, this app spells magic for you. Plus the fact that it’s free.

Free-Form: Kinetic GPS

If you need a perfect interface for you active lifestyle, you will not go wrong with Kinetic GPS. The flexibility of this app will amaze any health buff so you won’t have trouble tracking your movement GPS-wise. With its voice announcements, you get info when you want it most. Just inform ahead if you’re biking, hiking swimming or running down those beautiful slopes. You’re covered.


There is only one thing that makes this app so precious, aside from its functionality, and it’s the fact that it’s for free. It gives you recordable tracks, timely voice announcements and lap timers. Added to this, you can see your pace in a pace graph. The best part: you get all your movements analyzed at

Cycling: Cyclemeter

There are many who vie to be the most useful app for cyclists and cycling fanatics but we dare say Cyclemeter is top of the heap (even with its $5 price). From its host of features (i.e., mapped GPS tracking, calendar view, easy to save routes, even work outs) we can easily conclude this app is a great money-saver. And with its compatibility with Wahoo’s ANT+Fisica dongle, this app is a winner, a true must-have.

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