The first picture taken by the iPhone 4S camera

The photo below is said to be the first photo to be taken using the iPhone 4S camera as posted by MacRumors. The photo above was taken with an iPhone 4S and measures in at 3264 x 2448 pixels.

Apple included a full resolution sample of the photo last week as a part of their promotional campaign for the iPhone 4S. There has also a new image from AppVV to be used as an example for the resolution that is to be expected from the iPhone 4S. We saw a picture taken last month, before the launch of the iPhone 4S, and it was said to be taken by one of the engineers using the iPhone 4S and it appeared on Flickr as leaked photo.

We thought the leaked photo to be just to confirm the then rumors about the new and improved camera for the new iPhone, but after the feature was confirmed during the event it all confirmed that the leaked photo was indeed taken by the iPhone 4S.

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