The iBaby Monitor – The Baby Monitor You Bring With You

With the advanced internet and communication capabilities featured by the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, combining their use with the iBaby Monitor offers proud parents an advantage – a baby monitor which they bring with them, wherever they go.

Primarily a fixed/base type baby monitor, the iBaby Monitor is one which works with WiFi Technologies, with enhanced video capturing and recording features which don’t bulk under pressure.

With a built-in motion sensor and an infrared sensitive camera, the iBaby Monitor can capture high detail videos and images, with a view-scope that can be remote controlled via portable handhelds.

Linking the device to an internet access point allows for over-the-internet interaction, giving parents the capacity to check up on nurseries and/or playpens during lunch breaks or coffee break periods. Parents can conveniently wirelessly control the iBaby Monitor, to see what’s going on in certain parts of a room.

The device, with its advanced motion sensor, can be rigged to alert parents over various scenarios, from monitoring unexpected movements to triggering alarms when certain movements like a baby’s breathing goes out of established patterns and parameters. Multiple users can also connect with the iBaby Monitor, an ideal feature which doesn’t limit its use to only one dedicated iDevice.

As new advances in mobile internet speeds, camera Megapixel ratios and enhanced storage benefits are specifications often looked into by electronic consumers, the iBaby Monitor stands to be a feature specification on its own, one which can’t be readily compared to a mobile’s built-in storage capacity or its processor speeds.

Simply put, the iBaby Monitor eases parental concerns over the safety of their babies, a smart option for parents to have.

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