The iCloud will be available for download free on the 12th of October

Eddy Cue will now talk to us about the iCloud.

Well Cue has told us that the iCloud will be free, you can download it and it will work.. BAM! It is going to be very useful to us all we are Talking iTunes in the Cloud. He went on to explain how the iCloud works, but didn’t they already explain this in the WWDC. Did anyone else have flash backs while listening to what was going on? Do they not remember what happened?

Anyway to cut to the chase, we know about our music being in the cloud, but also our photos. For example if the photo is on the camera roll and you want it on your device it goes up to the cloud and you can down load it on any iOS device you have.

The same thing goes for documents and applications, and you can also save your important calendar events. Worried that it might lost? They are in the clouds after all. Well there is a daily backup system for all that is stored on the iCloud, so no need to worry there.


There is a new app that will be installed in the iCloud and that “Find my Friends” you can click on the app and it will determine the locations of your friends that have been chosen to be found. So if you are in mall and looking for a friend or want to know if anyone you know is around that could be a very useful app.

As we mentioned before iCloud is free not only fro iOS users but also for Lion users too. Customers will get a huge 5GB of storage free, but if that is not enough and you want more, then you will be able to buy it.

Moving swiftly to iTunes Match Cue goes on to talk about this new application that it is expected to scan you iTunes library and add to it anything that the iTunes Store has and that you don’t already have. It acts as you own personal updating assistant, and all this for only $24.99 per year.

Important dates:

The iCloud will be available on the 12th of October while the iTunes Match will be available around the end of October.

Pics from engadget.

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