The “iPad Mini’s” alleged thickness

With form playing a crucial role in the success of Apple’s line of mobile gadgets, a number of inquiries have turned to question how thick the fabled “iPad Mini” would be, the said smaller-sized version of Apple’s endearing iPad series rumored to come out before the year ends.

In line with all its speculations and inquiries, a number of “iPad Mini” concept photos have surfaced from different sources online, claiming that the said 7 inch tablet is going to be as thick as the iPod touch, with similarities to its general form to be sported when it officially comes out.

The “iPad Mini’s” alleged thickness
With a featured report from iMore noting that the “iPad Mini” is going to be similar with the current iPod touch’s 7.2mm thickness, many have come to accept this report as fact, with the said report piecing together its conclusions based on the analysis and reports from various “leaked” sources.

The report also reveals that in terms of the “iPad Mini’s” front panel design, speculations note that its user interface and design won’t inhibit users from properly operating the device, making it a thinner version of the iPad, apart from boasting a smaller sized screen.

With its rumored thinner and smaller size, the “iPad Mini” is also reported to be lighter than the standard iPad, making it more of an iPod touch-inspired product, with its form and design sensibilities based and consistent with the said touch-screen mobile media player and web browser.

As all of these are still rumors, it appears that we all will have to wait for Apple to properly announce the official status of an actual “iPad Mini”.

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