The iPhone 4S is Finally here [Photos, Prices And Features]

During the Lets Talk iPhone event earlier today, Phil Shiller talked to us about the iPhone, he reminded us that it is still the number one rated phone in the world.

AND the big new we have all been waiting for, Apple have introduced indeed a new iPhone and it is the iPhone 4S.

It does look exactly like the iPhone 4, but don’t be fooled because the inside is all new as I am going to explain to you now. On the inside it has the A5 processor which makes the iPhone up to two timesfaster than the previous one, it also comes with dual-core graphics, which are said to be seven times faster than previous iPhone.

Obviously games are a big part of the iPhone, Mike Capps from Epic was the one to introduce the iPhone 4S demo to the press present at the event. Capps started off by showing off the new feature and how it makes to images much more clearer and stand out, then he went on to show how the gaming experience has improved. One example he used was in a war game where two components were fighting each other and now the user can use two hand with two swords, as before they were not able to do so.

We have been told by press who attended the event that the image feature and gaming experience is amazing when you are actually there, the image has improved showing reflections and self-shadowing are in effect.

The game that was demoed wad the “Infinity Baled II” which will be available in the App Store on the 1st of December this year.

Phil talked about the battery life of this new iPhone as this would be an important part if you want to play games and not find the phone switching off on you. The battery is expected to have a life to be enough for 3G Talk Time of 8 hours, six hours of browsing, nine hours on WiFi. 10 hours of video, and 40 hours of music. That is defiantly a fantastic battery life.

A new feature that is introduced in this device is the wireless system. The device can now intelligently switch between the two antennas between transmit and receive. This will make for better call time quality. The iPhone 4S also has the ability to download thingy twice as fast as the iPhone 4.  When comparing it to the Atrix, Thrill, and Inspire 4G, the iPhone 4S is now as fast as all those incredible phones, which is great news for iPhone users. The iPhone 4S is also both GSM and CDMA.

Now, moving on to the camera, we have hear a lot of rumours about how the camera is going to be amazing. Now it is the moment of truth, it is, indeed, an eight megapixel sensor. that’s 3264 x 2448. Phil said during the presentation that having more pixels does not necessarily mean the camera is better, but we already knew that. What is better about this particular camera is that it has a backside illuminated CMOS, so that means 73 percent more light. It is also one third quicker than that of the iPhone 4. There’s an IR filter on there to ensure better color appearance. Not only that but ti also has five elements on the lens that makes 30% more sharper images. Are you falling in love with this iPhone already? Caz I know I am.

But it doesn’t stop at that, there is a new Image Signal Processor that Apple designed that improved face detection in the camera. The camera is also faster so no one will be standing there posing for what seems like forever. When comparing the picture capture time the iPhone 4S is up against the Galaxy S II which takes pictures in 2 seconds, and the HP Sensation which takes picture in 2.1 seconds, however the iPhone 4S takes picture in an outstanding 1.1 seconds. This will help the iPhone users to take some pretty amazing pictures with their phone.

Moving onto video recording, we have seen in this new iPhone that there is a video image stabilization, with temporal noise reduction. Reports from the event have been that the color saturation is amazing and will defiantly please customers.

Another feature that we heard about and has truned out to be true is the AirPlay feature. This feature allows you to play anything on your iPhone and have it playing on another Apple device at the same time, whether a laptop or a TV screen. What is interesting about this is that you can do it wired or wireless, amazing! We have quotes from Phil himself saying “it is the most amazing iPhone yet.”

The newest feature  is called “Siri” and it is a voice recognition system and acts the same as the app that we posted about earlier called “Assistant”. You basically ask it questions and it responds. You can ask it questions like “What is the time?” or give it orders like “Wake me up tomorrow” and it will set your alarm clock for you. It can find restraints for you and other sights. It can check your calendar and if its free it can book appointments and arrange meetings by texting whoever you tell it to text. Basically anything that it is programmed  to do and you let it, it will indeed do it for you. Pretty impressive! This is defiantly the best feature in the iPhone 4S.

There is one more feature that was mentioned it is the iDictation, it works for English (US, UK, and Australia) plus French and German. It is a beta to start off with to see how users will like it and how it is going to work.

Apple are really excited about the iPhone 4S. The prices will be Black and white versions 16GB: $199, 32GB for $299, 64GB for $399, and that is with carrier agreements. Pre-orders for the iPhone 4S will start on Firday the 7th, and will be available from the 14th of October. They will be first launched in  US, Canada, Australia, the UK, France, Germany, and Japan .

As for those who have been wondering about the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4 they will both live on, 4 is now $99 for 8GB. The 8GB 3GS will be free — on contract.

However, no iPhone 5 just yet!

Pics from engadget.

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