The iPhone 4S supporting the new Bluetooth 4.0 Technology?

We all know that earlier this week pre-orders of the iPhone 4S have started to be accepted by the Apple stores and their carriers. The iPhone was introduced last week at the Lets Talk iPhone event which took place at the Apple campus.

We posted earlier all the benefits of the iPhone 4S and event compared it to its predecessor the iPhone 4. Summing those up it includes a much faster processor, a new operating system the iOS 5, and a better camera, of course not forgetting its much improved features.

But we have come to find another new feature that everyone has been quiet about. It is that the iPhone 4S supports Bluetooth.4.0. It is said that it is the first iPhone and even smartphone to have that kind of feature.

Bluetooth 4.0 packs have great advantages over other versions, but the most important fact is that it has lower power consumption. ITProPortal reports that this new feature uses half the power of other Bluetooth profiles, isn’t this great? Not only is the iPhone 4S the best iPhone yet but it has just gotten even better.

You can now use your Bluetooth headsets and other accessories without having a care in the world. Where as before you would be constantly aware of the battery as it could die very quickly. There could be other uses for this thought. As we reported a few months ago that we will be seeing Bluetooth in the MacBook Air and Mac Mini products. So does this mean file-transfer support?

One nice thing about the Bluetooth 4.0. that is worth mentioning that it is compatible with older Bluetooth services so you will still be able to work with other handsets and smart phones. We can’t wait until we can get our hands on the iPhone 4S.

Via idownloadblog

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