The iPhone 5’s current achievements

Though still in its pre order status, the iPhone 5 has managed to rake in its own share of achievements, outperforming the Intel Atom processor line in a JavaScript test.

Also, though a delay of pre order deliveries generally comes as bad news, news of the iPhone 5’s delivery dates being pushed back due to increased demand for the mobile has been well accepted by many.

AnandTech conducted an “unofficial” test geared to match up how different gadgets could deal with SunSpider v0.91 as a benchmark for mobile phone processor performances. Though SunSpider has been considered as an outdated mode for mobile phone performance benchmarking, the test has put the iPhone 5’s A6 processor at top place, followed by Lava XOLO X900 and the Samsung Galaxy S III.

The test, though unofficial, stands to be a credit to the iPhone 5’s promised performance enhancements, something which Apple itself is quite proud of.

In terms of its pre order delivery delays, an extra week had been added to delivery date expectations. Once sporting a “Delivery within 14 to 21 business days”, a new announcement generally announced by telcos note pre orders to be delivered “Within 3 to 4 weeks”.

Unveiled last week, the new iPhone 5 comes with a bigger screen, a new and improved A6 processor+GPU set, enhanced optics and more. With the new iOS 6 officially rolling out today, and with the soon to be released updated iTunes to come by late October, Apple has been doing great since the new iPhone 5 was launched.

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