The iPhone 5’s rumors and “leaks” tuned out to be right on the dot

In what has been described as an anticlimactic official launch, the unveiling of the newest iPhone – the iPhone 5 – revealed more than just the newest smartphone version of the iPhone series, but also proved that the past rumors and “leaks” surrounding the iPhone 5 were spot on.

With its 4 inch-sized screen, “two-times faster” A6 processor, integrated iOS6 operating system and its controversial new “Lighting” connector, sentiments over the next gen iPhone have been met with conflicted criticism and acceptance.

Given Apple’s recent courtroom “meet-up” with Samsung, a number of the iPhone 5’s capabilities have been put in contrast against other current smartphone products made by other brands, with the iPhone 5’s capacity to take still images while recording videos being the most mentioned.

Though the iPhone 5’s optics have been improved with an 8 MegaPixel camera, questions and concerns related to how users can effectively stream HD videos via HDMI have been raised, with particular attention on the iPhone 5’s new “Lightning” connector.

In fact, the more controversial aspect of the iPhone 5 during its unveiling took shape in the new connector, which is physically 80% smaller than the current connector’s size.

Described by many as “the iPhone accessory maker’s and user’s fears made real”, a resolution in an adapter geared to allow connectivity between now-older iDevices and accessories was mentioned during the iPhone 5 launch, but the stigma in the possibility of getting a new line of hardware accessories had already been planted, leaving a certain aftertaste which electronic consumers and makers are still wrapping their heads on.

In terms of the iPhone 5’s enhanced features over its predecessors, its larger-sized screen is the most evident update, supporting a screen aspect ratio that is close to 16:9, a far cry from the original iPhone’s 3:2 featured screen aspect ratio.

Along with the new iPhone, updated versions of the iPod nano and iPod Touch line were featured, along with the announced release of the new iOS 6. The “earbuds rumor” also turned out to be true, with the featured announcement of a new headphones set to come with the new iPhone 5 and iPods.

As the official unveiling of the iPhone 5 had finally taken place, the end of all the iPhone 5 rumors and speculations has finally come.

However, another “Apple-speculation” had ensued from the launch, where the release of the new iTunes by late October was announced.

“Why late October? Is there something big bound to come by October?” asked the speculators.

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