The iPod Classic and iPod Shuffle are to be Discontinued this year


There have been claims by TUAW that Apple just might be planning to discontinue the iPod Classic and iPod Shuffle this year. It looke like that that production transition that Apple was talking about earlier this year could in fact be happeneing to the iPod line. So a warning to all iPod fans if you were intending to by and iPod Classic or a Shuffle you better head to the stores right away before these claims are confirmed.

The report also states that there are a few changes coming in the way of the iPod touch, excluding the white model. The only report that we have seen so far is that there will be an introduction of a white iPod touch model, but little else we know of. As for the iPod nano you may be wondering, well that seems to be safe for now but anything can be expected when it comes to Apple.

As we have found out that the iPod has been making a smaller and smaller percentage of the Apple’s revenue over the past few years. With the growth of the iPhone and iPad the iPod is struggling to compete. The iPod touch has a large part of the iPod revenue that Apple is getting and that may well be the reason why Apple is keeping it and not axing it with the rest.

Steve Jobs was quoted just over a year ago saying that they had no intention of discontinuing the iPod classic at the time, and not just a year from that statement it seems that so much has changed. We have no reason not to believe these reports or think they are only rumors as it is coming from TUAW.

Via Macrumors


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