The jailbreak of the iPad 2 now seems closer (MuscleNerd may have to dump the processor bootrom A5)

A few hours ago, has published a new tweet MuscleNerd very interesting. Not only for the content end in itself, shows that some lines of code nicely posted by Apple in Ios , but also for the fact that it was possible to show this code.

After the publication of the tweet of hacker Dev-Team has received a lot of questions, even by members of the important landscape of the jailbreak, including I0n1c and Veeence, which so far has not responded. The most redundant question was: ” You dump the bootrom A5 processor? “.

If confirmed, this would confirm a major step forward in the jailbreak of the iPad 2 which, remember, just mount the new processor Apple A5, and more.

This processor, in fact, will almost certainly be implemented in the iPhone and iPod touch in the next generation, and for this reason, we are bringing you the news that might be more important than expected, much more significant than a simple, funny line of code found MuscleNerd from within IOS.

Dump and, consequently, the jailbreak of the iPad 2 – that people expect now from the official launch of the product – could create significant benefits for all future devices that mount the chip A5, if not ensure a life for these devices jailbreak .

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