The (obviously) best alternative to Apple’s Maps

With Apple’s recent run-in with failure in its in-house made Maps, Apple CEO Tim Cook had issued an apology to those who had been inconvenienced by the mapping/navigation app and service suite, a testament over how it had lost in defining a new area where Apple’s take on design and features could have been found.

As such, alternatives for Apple’s Maps have been heavily looked for by iOS 6 users, with one alternative standing apart from the rest – Google Maps.

Though not exactly an app for the iOS 6, Google Maps is still accessible via web browser, taking the form of a web app designed for quick user access.

Apple Maps
Recently implementing its “Street View” feature, the web app is designed to highlight public transit directions, walking directions, along with informative bits on venues and places. Ratings and reviews are also featured in the Google Maps web app, along with its previous highlight features found in the older iOS 5 mobile operating system.

Being a web app, Google Maps doesn’t require installation, but it does come with certain inconveniences, such as having to frequently key in searchers through an iOS 6-compatible web browser. Also, given the fact that it is a web application and not a dedicated app for a specific device/platform, certain lags in relation to its performance are noted to be experienced from time to time.

Still, its downsides aren’t exactly a deal breaker for its enhanced take as a navigation/mapping service, with its user friendly interface and ready availability in giving its users pertinent information.

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