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We have for you the first review that has been published on the Walter Isaacson’s “Steve Jobs’ Biography”. The New York Times reported that the Jobs’ story,

 “calls for a book that is clear, elegant and concise enough to qualify as an iBio and the author Walter Isaacson’s “Steve Jobs” does just that .”

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The critic Janet Maslin says about the book,

“Here is an encyclopedic survey of all that Mr. Jobs accomplished, replete with the passion and excitement that it deserves.”

We posted a few weeks back that the biography is set to be available for everyone to purchase on the 24th of October 2011, and that this book is based on 40 personal interviews that Isaacson had with Jobs before his death earlier this month.

Maslin explained that Isaccson started working on the biography when Jobs gave him authorization to chronicle his life back in 2009. Although Isaacson is know has a great biographer as he has celebrated the life of two other geniuses, Albert Einstein and Benjamin Franklin, Jobs biography still presented itself as a challenge to him. This was because the subject was battling a mortal illness during the book’s writing.

The critic thinks that because the book was aimed at future generations that because the subject of the book has just passed, it may seem strange to read it so soon. It would be hard to appreciate Jobs’ legacy and his genius mind at work when we have seen the events happen so soon in our time.

The review states some of the main stories that Isaacson chose to paint the life of this great man. For example he took moments from the house  that he grew up in all up until the founding of Apple and finally his last years when he was in constant battle with his illness.  The critic states,

“Steve Jobs gives deep insight into the private life and relationships of its subject, facets of life that Jobs closely guarded from the public eye.”

There is also details about the relationships that Jobs had with his rivals like Bill Gates and John Sculley. The critic goes on to say that the book greatly admires its subject and focuses on Jobs and the people around him, however it does not focus on products and their announcements as such.
Quoted from Maslin,

 “Mr. Isaacson’s long view basically puts Mr. Jobs up there with Franklin and Einstein. Even if a tiny MP3 player is not quite the theory of relativity.”

Steve Jobs is a streamlined portrait of Jobs and his legacy. It is the story of how Jobs overcame his obstacles to become a giant in the tech industry, and gives the reader the opportunity to understand him as a man.

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