The TideTrac App for iPhone/iPad

Though not exactly a drop-proof, shock-proof, or a “won’t get busted if it gets drenched in the rain” mobile, the iPhone is actually a tough mobile, made to withstand the rigors of average rough handling in the part of mobile users, contrary to its sleek, “fragile” exterior look and feel. The same goes with the iPad, whose construction falls within the bounds of the iPhone’s.

Given that, installing an iPhone and/or iPad with the TideTrac tide tracking software suite extends the mobile’s function for outdoor use, a nifty tool developed to provide users with detailed tide condition forecasts in the United States.

Far from being something which could only interest meteorologists or geologists, TideTrac’s tide tracking benefits gives active outdoorsmen pertinent information involving tides, something which surfers, boaters and fishers would greatly smile upon.

Its use is pretty straightforward, maximizing the iPhone/iPad’s internet connectivity features. It utilizes Google Maps in pinpointing locations, which are dubbed as “stations”.

A user could “register” a particular “station” as an anchor point for the app, thereby gather tidal data covering a year’s scope. This means that TideTrac users don’t necessarily have to be online to use the app. Users could also setup multiple “stations”, which enhances the apps functionality as a relevant tide tracking utility.

It has to be said that there are other free-tide tracking utilities and web portals out there, but as a dedicated tool TideTrac streamlines the process of gathering tidal data, delivering up-to-date information to users, with data storage features coming as a plus in its use in outdoor, internet-absent locations.

If fishing, boating and surfing is what you do, TideTrac’s here to simplify the planning phase of your next adventure.

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