The Top 3 rumors circulating around the next gen iPhone

To some extent, “leaks and rumors” have somewhat become an online staple, with countless leaks and rumors talking about what electronic consumers have to expect from upcoming gadgets and gizmos.

Next Gen Iphone 2013Quite understandably, the iPhone has been the subject of leaks and rumors since its debut in 2007, with different bits talking about how the mobile would look like to how high-end its specs would be.

Below are three of the top “leaks and rumors” circulating around the upcoming next gen iPhone (or iPhones) this year.

A low-cost iPhone model is rumored to be on the works – different tech-centered sites and industry watchmen have talked about how there is going to be more than one iPhone release for 2013.

With three iPhone variants alleged to be launched, the rumor of a low-cost iPhone model is quite prevalent, considering the fact that such a product would put Apple away from its generally high end take in rolling out products.

A camera-enhanced iPhone expected to come out in the last quarter of 2013 – Rumored to be the last iPhone model to be unveiled this year, the holiday season of 2013 is forecasted to be the season when an image capturing enhanced iPhone will make its debut.

Given that the models released by its competitors sport impressive cameras, it isn’t difficult to see the Cupertino-based brand create a camera-enhanced smartphone donning the iPhone name.

An iPhone model variant will be unveiled as early as August – Talk has been rife of Apple scheduling the earlier release of an iPhone, a month earlier than its usual September-October product release dates.

Considering the fact that Apple has previously released other products “off season” (the iPad 3 was launched early in 2012), the rumor hasn’t been met with a lot of question.

In fact, expectations of it being spot on has been quite high.

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