The X Phone by Google (built by Motorola) – Google’s Answer to the iPhone?

A report from Apple Insider notes that Google has plans on releasing the Motorola-built “X Phone” by 2013, a mobile that is pegged to be Google’s answer to the iPhone and premium model units developed by Samsung.

Described as Google’s official in-house mobile pegged to be the “legitimate competitor to the iPhone,” the “X Phone” is noted to be developed by Motorola under Google’s specifications, with its development said to be borne on the basis of quality, not quantity.


Though no specific date on when exactly by 2013 the “X Phone” is reported to be released, talk of an “X Tablet” have also been brought up as a partner to “X Phone” rumors, and given Google and Motorola’s standing in the mobile gadgetry arena, it appears that the possibility of an “X Tablet” to come is not far off.

Lior Ron, Google Product Manager, is said to be the lead of the project, and given his specialty in mapping, his position hints that the new phone may just come with nifty features that are based on Google Maps.

With talk of Google looking into new courses of action in terms of how it has taken on its approaches in the mobile industry, the prospect of a Google-built in phone isn’t really all that impossible to believe, seeing how Google’s web and productivity experience offered to its users has become solid for mobile ecosystems.

As quality is the focus on the “X Phone”, it has steadily been gaining a status as Google’s answer to Apple’s iPhone.

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