Tilt-Shift Videos To Process Videos And Images

Introducing the first app in the App Store that allows you to generate Tilt-Shift Videos!!! Check the samples: http://TiltShiftVideoApp.com

TiltShift Video – Fidel Lainez

*** Now with the ability to process images too!!! Choose a picture from your Photo Library or extract still frames from your videos to apply the Tilt-Shift effect.


Until now, tilt-shift videos required very expensive lens for your DSLR or a professional video editing software to edit your video and simulate the effect and, in both cases, a good deal of patience. Not anymore, now you just need this App!

TiltShift Video App uses the processing power of your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to easily apply the Tilt-Shift effect to your videos.

TiltShift Video - Fidel Lainez

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