TinyPwn – A New Jailbreaking Tool By TinyUmbrella Developer NotCom

Notcom the  developer of TinyUmbrella, the program that let you save the SHSH Blobs of your iOS firmware on Windows and Mac.Notcom is now working  on a new project called TinyPwnWhat will TinyPwnProbably a new tool to jailbreak the really interesting features.Following the first few details about this mysterious program.

For about six months there were rumors on Twitter that Notcom was working on a new tool to jailbreak, but now seems to be pretty much official. The same developer has announced on Twitter that they have completed the porting of the code pwnage 2.0 and it includes the medium used in the exploit Limera1n .

 Notcom said that:

FINALLY started porting the pwnage 2.0 code… TinyPwn will be fun when it is finally finished. limera1n support is done.

Reading between the lines of the tweet Notcom, and also according to various rumors that are circulating in recent times, it is assumed that allows the customization of TinyPwn. Ipsw file of iOS in order to create a custom firmware to restore it later on the device (the same function of PwnageTool and Sn0wbreeze).Among other functions, TinyPwn may include a unique feature really interesting: the tool to jailbreak Notcom could in fact allow the ‘ install custom firmware without using iTunes .

via iPhoneItalia

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