Top 10 Christian Apps for iPad

Quite naturally, the iPad seem to have fallen into two major functions: 1. Source of fun and games and 2. A tool to get things done. On one side, you have those who chase after the thrill (e.g., Plants vs. Zombie, Fruit Ninja HD) and on the other the business class who wants things done and uses FaceTime and LinkedIn more often or whatever-useful-app is available.

However, the time they really are a-changing. Though any may hardly associate it as a tool to spread the ‘Good News’, the i-tablet could be one of the best means to catch up on studying Jesus and the life He lead on Earth.
What was once spread by copying word for word laboriously by pen (in the absence of technology) by Monks, the Bible – the most successful book ever published – and its accompanying literature can now be availed via the Cupertino-based manufacturer’s device. In this regard, when it comes to examining literature, putting the gadget on a suitable iPad keyboard case could be apt.

Below are 10 of the most popular iPad apps that may help you learn about the “Man/God that died on the cross” – better.

1. Verbum Catholic Bible Study (Free)

This is by far the largest Catholic resource you can get on iOS. Data they have is extensive, ranging from the Catholic Bible to deep elucidations on the Catholic Dogma. A treasure for Rome-centric faithfuls.

2. Gospel Library 2.5

Based on its sheer popularity, there is no better app for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints including those of Mormon faith. Not only does it provide scriptures, it gives you up-to-date information on the latest events of the church: a sine qua non for the faithful.

3. Sermonotes

This app is not for the weak-hearted. Rather Sermonotes prepare those people who are about to give a talk or more appropriately a ‘sermon’ to the faithful. It gives the user wide latitude for note-taking and easy reference to the Bible. Designed for speakers, Sermonotes is also advisable for those who study the “Good Word” seriously.

4. PocketSword (Free)

This one aims to spread the gospel to the four corners of the Earth. Though not having similar interface of iBooks, PocketSword has 60+ translations that are easily downloadable: a welcome feature for the global audience.

5. The Illustrated Bible (Free)

If you are looking for a more thorough reading experience this app can surely bring you back in time. Though plagued by a lot of in-app purchases (at a considerable price) The Illustrated Bible is your best choice for serious readers. And of course, them young ones too.

6. Bible Gateway (Free)

BibleGateway makes use of iOS interface and for that it could deserve a standing ovation. Meant for a wider audience, this app will leave you in awe with its 90 plus translations (e.g., NKJV, HCSB, CEB).

7. Bible + (Free)

An app by Immersion Digital, this one pushes the envelope by providing for an interactive interface. With all the pictures, videos and maps, this app can surely capture your heart in no time. Not to mention its standard eReader features.

8. Bible

This app by has already established a reputation as one of the highest rank Bible reading apps. If that doesn’t speak for itself, we recommend you get a first look and become a true ‘believer’.

9. (Free)

Similar to the YouVersion app, this app gives you clean features. Though its English versions of the Bible may not be that many, you can be sure of plenty of foreign translations. And to boot, audio that comes in dramatized or non-dramatized form.

10. Bible+ (Free)

Made by Olive Tree, this app speaks well of its creator. If you are talking about a comprehensive volume of Biblical resources, Bible+ will not disappoint.

Now all these apps seem overwhelming. But for those who choose to ‘walk the journey of faith’ these apps provide vital ‘food’ to the finish line.

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