Top 10 iPad Apps Must-Haves for Accountants

With the need to be exact right to the last penny, it’s no wonder accountants get all worked-out – with such a gargantuan task on their shoulder. It’s no wonder accounting is not for everybody or for the fainthearted for that matter.Luckily, modern technology has come to the rescue. And today, almost every intelligent machine man uses (e.g., PC, smartphones) gets embedded with an easy-to-use calculator function. Very handy indeed.
iPad Apps for accountant
More than just an elementary calculator, however, there are apps that can be a true blessing for an accountant worth his/her salt. And like an iPad keyboard case that beautifully completes the i-tablet that could otherwise be called unwieldy (i.e., lacking of a physical keyboard that is), these iPad apps have proven to be the go-to tools every accountant should rely upon – when reliability is what truly matters.

1. Keynote

Chances are, you will be into presentation mode. You will appreciate Keynote in this regard. There are templates available to start with. And not to brag, the app is truly appealing aesthetic-wise. In fact, come to think of it Powerpoint rather drab put side to side to this app which appears as professional as can be. And if you want to hook your iPad to a TV or an LCD projector, all you need is an apt cable.Nifty.

2. Digits

This one puts a calculator to shame. Not only does it have display large enough making reading through numbers a breeze, the app is designed to create an electronic tape – something which can be emailed at your convenience even while keying in the numbers.

3. Sharefile

Sharefile ( large file transfers typical of payroll files a walk in the park; no need to do cumbersome FTP transfer. Just download the files and notify your client via email and voila, file is ready for immediate access.

4. 1Password

This one makes sure all your electronic files are in safekeeping. In a lot of ways 1Password is your handy electronic vault: making sure all your passwords and equivalent login names are available when you need them most. Who needs to carry an extra folder everywhere?

5. Omnifocus

This one come with a price ($40) and may turn a lot of folks off. But for accountants who needs to get as organized as one can get, this app is heaven-sent. It organizes your days by putting your to-do list and all vital items neatly in order.

6. DocsToGo

Now if you have been wishing you had Microsoft’s Word, Excel and Powerpoint right at your fingertips, look no more. DocsToGo is the convenient way to get those data keyed in and organized in your iPad.

7. DropBox

DropBox gives you 2Gbyte cloud storage right off the bat. Very convenient when you want to file important documents, for future reference (e.g., online articles, presentations). And the best thing is, it’s for free.

8. iThoughtsHD

Talk about getting your ideas mapped out. This app creates a mindmap out of brilliant ideas. Mindmaps give discerning professionals the breakdown of complex processes. So you get to have those complicated purchases internal control processes out in the open without anybody scratching their heads.
For a professional

9. Penultimate

Penultimate aids you in your note-taking and acts more of an electronic scratchpad. So you won’t have a hard time illustrating those wonderful ideas to an audience or two.

10. Notability

This one can easily become an accountant’s fave. It comes cheap but it packs a lot of punch for its price. One thing that strikes me most is its note-taking ability: you can have your voiced comments over your typed notes. Handy.

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