Twitter buys TweetDeck: have a new client for the iPhone "hybrid"?

It was recently announced the acquisition of a well-known Twitter client for access to this social network from your iPhone. We are talking about TweetDeck, free software available in the App Store some time. Will shortly submit a new Twitter for iPhone with some new result of the integration between the two software?

In the past, this type of acquisition (Tweet) led to the creation of the first official Twitter client for iPhone, which had and has very few graphics and functional differences compared to the original application.

However, in this case, the acquisition of TweetDeck would seem to suggest that Twitter has attempted to restrict the users of this application, a kind of defensive move to encourage the development and dissemination official iPhone app. It is not, in fact, the only acquisition of this type, but only comes after those of other major names including UberTwitter and Echofon.

It remains unclear if now Twitter deemed to continue the parallel development of both applications, Twitter for iPhone and TweetDeck, if he leaves “die” and the second will continue to work on the first, or whether it will develop a new hybrid application precisely a result of this acquisition.


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