Regular Gevey Sim Works on iOS 5 Beta 7 (Confirmed)

One of Smash iPhone readers gave us a tip today , he uses a regular Gevey Sim to unlock the iPhone 4 on iOS 5 Beta 7.Many of iPhone 4 users faced problems while setting up the regular Gevey Sim on iOS 5 Beta 7 to unlock the iPhone 4.

Nick Hamdan (The guy who gave us this Tip) said:

By the way. My iphone4 on IOS 5 beta 7 jailbroken. An unlocked using only regular gevey sim. No need for gevey sim pro or plus or ultra. I only use regular gevey sim . Just for the info . Cause a lot of people or users think they need the advanced GEVEY SIM. To get the iphone 4 on iOS 5 unlocked . .

How To Unlock iPhone 4 using Gevey Sim :

Step 1:Insert the Gevey Sim in your iPhone 4 as shown below :

Step 2:Turn on your iPhone 4 and  wait for the Sim welcome menu , then Click Accept

Step 3: Wait for 15 seconds , Then Call 112 and hang up within 2 seconds .

Step 4:Go to Setting and Turn on the Airplane mode and turn it off right away.Now you will see “SIM Failure” message on your iPhone and then you will see “No SIM Card Installed” .

Step 5:Now again you have to turn on the Airplane Mode and turn it off right away again until the “No SIM Card Installed” message shows up. Now you will see ‘SIM Failure’ message and after few seconds the signal will show up.

Thanks Nick Hamdan

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