An Eccentric Brightness tweak for you iPhone Called UnlockBright

Want to add something interesting to your iPhone. Why not add eccentric? It is a functionality that controls the brightness of your iPhone and you can add it to your slide to unlock bar, by mean of UnlockBright.

UnlockBright is a jailbreak tweak, as it brings together the slide to unlock bar with the iPhone brightness setting. However, these settings are not permanent they only act as you are unlocking your iPhone.

To get a better understanding watch this video:

Are you one of those people who think it is useless, you have every right to be. But listen to this, you can use UnlockBright if trying to check the time in the middle of the night, and find that the iPhone’s brightness blinding because of how strong it is.

Having this functionality you can change all that . It can set your iPhone brightness to a minimum and increase it when you have unlocked your iPhone. So don’t judge from first sight it could actually prove useful to some.

via  iDB

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