Web Notes and Reminders – iCloud Beta highlights

With Apple’s iTunes reported to be due for a makeover before the end of 2012, the brand’s iCloud Beta site recently came out with updates, with web-based variations of popular iOS apps.

Though still on Beta, the new iCloud Beta site features a web-based beta-labeled version of Notes and Reminders, as well as versions of Calendar and Find My iPhone, with each version promising in their purpose and function as utility and productivity solutions.

As an app, the web-based Notes works similarly with the system-rooted iOS Notes, which can be viewed on iPhones and iPads in “landscape” modes. Based on reports and testimonies, users of the web-app can easily create, edit and access notes, which features “push down” capabilities to various supported iDevices which have been associated with an iCloud account/subscription.

Reminders was given a new take, no longer tied with the Calendar app but standing out as a separate app on its own, tuned to the new standards, app features and operational modes sported by current and upcoming iDevice generations.

Rumors note that the web-based interactions and new iOS is slated to come with the popular Find My iPhone app/features, which has proven to be a successful app for iDevice users.

Given the slated release of the new iOS 6, speculation over the official launch of the new iCloud are linked with the launch date of iOS 6, which is also tied with the official launch date of the next iPhone, which is rumored to sport a bigger, 4” screen.

If the 4” screen proves to be true, it would be the 1st major redesign of the iPhone series, since the release of the 1st iPhone.

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