What to expect in Today's Apple Event .. Don't Forget to Tune in

What are we expecting to happen at today’s Apple event?

Tom Cook will be standing on a stage at the Apple Campus in Cupertino, announcing new products that we are bound to love. After a long wait of sixteen months and listening to rumors about the next gen iPhone, we have finally lived to see the day that we will watch Apple’s CEO introducing it. So what is it are we exactly expecting to here tomorrow? Well here are our predictions from reports that have been confirmed and rumors we have heard.

iPhone 4S

Appl is announcinf  the iPhone 4S tomorrow, although some people do not want another iPhone 4, but facts are facts. Firstly there were rumors about a lover-end and cheap iPhone 4S, and then it was confirmed that it will be the same design as the iPhone 4. However, may come with a better camera,  A5 dual-core processor, and HSPA+ support.

How do we know for sure that it will be announced tomorrow? We do as we daw it appear in the laters iTunes beta, and also on the German Vodafone’s website as we posted earlier this week. All these are trusted confirmations that the iPhone 4S will make an appearance tomorrow.

Also not forgetting the interesting feature “Assistant” will be launched tomorrow and is said to only work on the A5 processor and therefore will be compatible with the iPhone 4S. So will customers be buying the iPhone 4S for its faster speed or for the Assistant feature?

iOS 5

We all know that there is a very big possibility that Apple will launch the iOS5 Gold Master for developers tomorrow and then the iOS 5 public version on the 10th of October. Apple introduces most of the iOS 5 features in the WWDC 2011, but for nearly a month now there has been no mention of the iOS 5 beta. We expect that Apple will surprise us with a new feature in the very last minute, we expect that the surprise might be the Assistant feature.


It is certain that Apple will announce the release of the newest version of the iTunes tomorrow and will allow customers to install the iOS 5 on their iOS devices and enable them to use the iCloud service. Since they have already released a number of beta versions of the iTunes 10.5, Apple will most likely make the iTunes 10.1 available for public download after  tomorrow’s event.

New iPod Touch

There is a 50% chance that Apple will launch the new iPod touch. We have all heard about the decision Apple has made to kill the classic iPod and iPod shuffle as we posted a few weeks back. Since then there have been reports that Apple will introduce a 3G-capable iPod touch in its white color model with a few changes.

iPhone 5

We have seen reports stating that there is only a 10% chance that Apple will be announcing the iPhone 5 tomorrow. If you think about it, firstly there was no mention of the iPhone 5 in the iTunes beta only the iPhone 4S. Although we have seen a lot to say that there will be an iPhone 5 announced tomorrow, it even comes to that there have been cased that are being sold on the web, but then again they could all easily be a fake. All we have heard is rumors there has not been hard evidence that there will be an iPhone 5. Another point, earlier we talked about the iPhone 4S appearing in the German Vodafone’s webpage, but again there was no mention of the iPhone 5.

If we try to be kind of deep and try to see the signs. Look at the Let’s Talk iPhone image. There are 4 icons, this is what I think each one means. The calender: is for the 4th of October the date of the event. The clock: is for the time of when the event will be taking place which is  10:00 AM PT. The map: is the location at which the event will be taking place which is the Apple Campus. The phone: it shows one missed call which may mean that only one iPhone is going to be announced. If we try to be really cleaver we could say that there are only 4 icons which means the iPhone 4S and not the iPhone 5. But yet again it is all just a  theory.


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