When “Stay Tuned” draws many to do so

Hints are not really something which everyone wants to hear, given their tendency to be vague, unclear and undefined.

But when someone like Tim Cook, Apple’s current CEO, hints with a “a stay tuned”, thought balloons over the heads of those who hear are bound to pop up.

In an All Things D conference held in Ranchos Palos Verdes in California, Tim Cook tells Walt Mossberg of Apple’s “very solid” relationship with Facebook, the internet’s current online social network giant.

“We have great respect for them. I think we can do more with them,” as Tim Cook is reportedly said to have shared to Mossberg.

The talk led to the possible integration of Facebook into Apple’s iOS in the future, somewhat similar to what Apple worked out with Twitter, integrating Twitter into a system-level standing in Apple’s mobile operating system.

“Stay tuned” was what Cook had to say about further ties and tie-ups with Facebook.

Given that both Apple and Facebook are not direct competitors in the industries they respectively operate on, the healthy relationship between the two doesn’t really strike as a strange setup.

But with ongoing rumors of Facebook delving into the mobiles market, onlookers can’t help but wonder if this healthy relationship would remain to be if a Facebook-branded phone does come out.

With one rumor telling of Facebook calling in former Apple engineers in the construction of an actual Facebook phone, forecasts and speculations are being formed and reformed over just what exactly Apple and Facebook is doing, with “what’s up with that” glares thrown at Cook’s “stay tuned” remark.

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