Will Steve Jobs make an Appearance in the Apple Media Event this Tuesday?

At SmashiPhone we have been wondering whether Steve Jobs will be attending Apple’s event on Tuesday named “Let’s Talk iPhone”. We have received reports now that he is indeed expected to appear at the event, even though he is no longer the CEO of Apple. He will be appearing along side the current CEO Tim Cook.

This information comes from a Reuters story posted on Monday, which stated that Jobs will be at the next iPhone event. Although it did state that even if he doesn’t show on Tuesday, there will not be any major disappointments. We did not get a confirmation whether this report came based on information that came from inside the company, or if they are indeed just rumors that Jobs will be expected at the much anticipated event.

Jobs resigned from Apple in August 2011, as he was having continuing health problems. He however is still an employee as the chairman of the company’s board of directors. Jobs usually introduced new Apple products to the public himself, even when he was on a medical leave of absence in March this year he came back on stage just to unveil the iPad 2.

Reports have come in claiming that the new CEO of the company will be taking over this role in the next Apple event, and he will preside over the keynote and introduce the Apple’s fifth generation iPhone. You might be interested to know that the only iPhone that was introduced by Job was the iPhone 3GS in 2009.

Before the report that we have seen on Reuters on Monday, there were strong rumors that Jobs will not be attending the iPhone media event. AllThingsD reported about a week ago that Cook is certain to preside over the unveiling and all future Apple media events, inheriting this great responsibility from Jobs.

So I guess we won’t know whether Jobs will in fact make an appearance on Tuesday or not, well until the actual event.

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