Wozniak’s Role in the Steve Job’s Movie

Far from being a spin-off of “The Social Network” (very very far off), the new film touching up on the life of Steve Jobs by Sony Pictures has recently gained a lot of attention with just cause, given how much of an impact Steve Jobs’ left in the electronics and communications industries.

Reported to star Ashton Kutcher as the movie’s lead, the movie also has another major celebrity taking on a major role in the project – Steve Wozniak, Apple’s co-founder.

His role – the project’s verifiable “tutor” in the adaptation of Steve Jobs’ life.

“We were very much alike in that time frame,” shared Wozniak in a recently conducted interview, referring to the point in time when Apple was on the rise. “Steve was an incredible leader and a manager, he went through an awful lot of things in life that got him to that point.”

With Aaron Sorkin set on authoring the movie’s screenplay, Sorkin has expressed how the film isn’t exactly going to be a biopic, but will stay true to the solid business sense and no-nonsense management skills of Steve Jobs.

“I know so little about what I am going to write. I know what I am not going to write. It can’t be a straight ahead biography because it’s very difficult to shake the cradle-to-grave structure of a biography,” shared Sorkin.

With Wozniak on board, the project proves to be a promising take over who Steve Jobs really was, even though its script writer is intent in not pushing it as a biopic.

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