Your iPad into a recording studio with Griffin’s StudioConnect

Griffin’s StudioConnect, an iPad accessory designed to extend an iPad’s functionality as an audio recording powerhouse, proves that iPad users can accomplish much with their tablets, extending its use beyond simply being an internet tablet or a mobile internet capable device.

Designed to record audio and easily record MIDI files, Griffin’s StudioConnect works with different apps for the iPad, with extended support for Apple’s GarageBand.

Matched with Logic Pro, another Apple-authored app, the combination of Griffin’s StudioConnect, GarageBand and Logic Pro stands to be the ideal recording studio environment with iPad tablets.

What exactly is StudioConnect?

Basically, StudioConnect is an iPad accessory, one which iPad users could “plug in” via its 30-pin connector/port. As an accessory, it provides input-output channels for the recording of sounds, along with ports which facilitates the access of monitoring headphones and/or speakers for users.

Though it only has one audio in port, it can be used with different audio recording and editing applications, like GarageBand and Logic Pro, which users can use to “blend” and “match” recorded audio streams.

As a device, it interacts with the iOS platform, which means that it can actually work with other iOS devices. However, its physical form makes it ideal for iPad use, and given the iPad’s size over its smaller iDevice counterparts like the iPhone or iPod touch, it is generally easier and more functional to use with iPads.

Is it enough to replace full-scale audio recording equipment?

As impressive as the StudioConnect is as an iPad accessory, it really isn’t a replacement for full-scale audio recording needs, given that such devices feature multi-channel mixing, and multi-channel recording features.

However, for users who want to record, edit and enhance music solely using their iPads, Griffin’s StudioConnect is the iPad accessory to get, which users can use in creating music with it, GarageBand, a microphone, and a guitar.

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