YouTube for the iOS 6

When the iOS 6 initially came out, smartphone and tablet users running on the mobile operating system noted the absence of a dedicated YouTube app, just as they had noted the absence of support for Google’s Google Maps service.

That had changed recently, with the official release of the YouTube app dedicated for iDevices running on iOS 6 taking place last Tuesday.

YouTube iOS 6 App
The YouTube iOS 6 App

Available in Apple’s official App Store, iPhone 5 users and iPad Mini and iPad 4th Gen owners no longer have to install third party applications to access YouTube-hosted videos and content, nor do they have to make do with the iOS 6’s native Safari mobile browser.

Developed to readily allow users access to featured YouTube content, the YouTube App for the iOS 6 comes with nifty features that are calibrated to maximize the hardware specs of iDevices, from automatically picking out high resolution video standards for Retina display-enabled gadgets to doing away with the gripes of previous app versions.

The infamous “black handlebars” had been taken out in the new YouTube App, and as a plus feature, it even comes with support for AirPlay, readily allowing smartphone users to stream their content to Apple TV units.

With its previous version officially rolled out prior to the release of the iPhone 5, the new YouTube app for iOS 6 devices comes without the hiccups and issues its predecessor version came with, making it the perfect YouTube app for Apple-supported devices.

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