Apple Working on Crack-Resistant Glass for Future Devices

Apple’s latest iPhone design which is the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S has received a lot of appraisal from users and one of the most appealing factors to the customers seems to be the camera that is integrated into the iPhone. Its quality and timeless constructions seem to be everyone’s favorite feature.

However, there is one downfall to the iPhone design is that it had front and back glass panels. These panels make the iPhone much more fragile and prone to damage than its smartphone competitors.

We now hear that Apple are working on this to fix it. Patently Apple has reported that a new patent application has been discovered that Apple has submitted. This patent described creating a break  resistant glass solutions for portable devices. There are number of ways that the document talks about how they can achieve this, but the two that really caught our eye. These are:

1- The first of these methods talks about disposing a tunable shock mount between the cover glass and the main body. This would make the effect of the fall seem lighter as it will isolate the glass from the body of the device, whether phone or tablet. This method is said to be even more useful as it will protect the device against water damage.

2- The second of these methods is a little bit more complicated than the first. It talks about having a retractable glass cover that can sense when the device has been dropped. This will be done using an actuator, control module, and sensors, then the cover glass would be able to retract itself in the event that it detected a drop. Now this would just simply be a brilliant peace of technology, however highly complicated.

Other ideas state that they may add strength to the glass by adding certain chemicals to it. When it comes down to it users really care about the result they are getting more than the method that is being used. So we are hoping that they reach a suitable solution sooner rather than later.

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