Top 10 Best Yoga Apps

For its apparent benefits, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by yoga. And though it’s not a cure-all, getting your peace of mind is just a prospect that’s too hard to resist. In a world where the media is trumpeting violence and chaos everyday.

It’s no coincidence that the both Android and iOS hemispheres have been flooded with a plethora of Yoga-companion apps. However, it’s important that you keep the best proven programs and do away with apps which may come strong with big claims yet offer no track record to boot. Much like a reliable iPad mini keyboard case to an i-tablet, the right apps will help facilitate the “better you” to emerge. Though it may just approximate a yoga instructor, an app will certainly have an advantage not otherwise found with having another human to show you the way.

For best results, it is recommended you do your stuff on a half-empty stomach and never a full one. Abstain from food or take a light meal an hour or so before the routine. And of course, mind your breathing.


$1.99 by everTHINK, Inc.

This app may not have the best overall content in this series, but if you’re talking about great video clips and a wide array of breathing exercises, this one’s tough to beat. If you’re just a virgin enthusiasts who have not seen action yet, the voiceover and timely tips will easily woo you.

Pocket Yoga HD

$3.99 by Rainfrog, LLC

With its right depth, Pocket Yoga will amaze you. You can see the work neatly done in every routine, truly well-conceived with poses flowing into each other and done justice by the right counter-pose. Could be the best app for beginners to introduce you to a life of well-balanced mental health.

Airplane Yoga

$1.99 by Michael Huffman

This app may not put on jaw-dropping routines or super-exciting yoga poses, but if you’re a travel bug, this one’s built to be your best travel companion. Designed to allow you to take on the rigors of being in tight confined spaces, Airplane Yoga gives you timely stretches and routines that should get you in the right mood before and during flights.

Yoga in Bed: Awaken Body, Mind & Spirit in 15 Minutes

$4.99 by Vook

This one’s set to give you a good start right from the moment you wake up. And you can choose to read through the routines or get things going by watching a video or choose to do a combination of both. Just make sure you got a mattress strong enough to support your poses.

Yoga Face

Free by

The face is made up of muscles; exercising your face via yoga can erase unwanted signs of aging and increased tension. And the best thing’s the app’s free. For a more thorough experience you may want to learn more you can upgrade. Just chip in $3.99.

Yoga for Weight Loss

$4.99 by Saagara

As a gift from Saagara, the makers of Pranayama app, you will experience controlled breathing that utilizes the hatha yoga poses which put its focus on thryroid stimulation. To note, thyroid is a major factor in metabolism and growth.

YOGAmazing – Yoga Video App

$ 4.99 by Wizzard Media

Don’t be fooled by the price. After you hand in the cash and you have the app downloaded, you’d be privy to fifty yoga lessons streamed to your i-Device like a podcast of sorts. The best thing’s there will be no ads or any viewer poll whatsoever which may be a cause of annoyance for many.

Yoga 101

Free by

If you want to master vinsaya flow yoga, the most popular yoga style ever to hit the U.S., then Yoga 101 can get you the introduction you need. With full length videos featuring a real model you’d be breathing your way to enlightenment in no time.

Simply Yoga FREE – Personal Trainer for Quick Yoga Workouts

Free by Daily Workout Apps, LLC

This one’s fast becoming a star. Easily it’s one of the most popular yoga app available today. Not only because it’s free but because the instructions are such a cinch you could get into yoga almost immediately. And the app focuses on the whole body and not just a particular part thereof.

Sworkit Pro – Circuit Training Workouts

$0.99 by Ryan Hanna

Though you may find the interface wanting, this app’s good for a quick start with its randomized routine. To boot, you can even get some Pilates moves. Heaven-sent for beginners.